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  • hántva — हन्त्व …   Indonesian dictionary

  • gʷhen-2(ǝ)- —     gʷhen 2(ǝ)     English meaning: to hit     Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schlagen”     Material: nominal formation: gʷho no s ‘schlagen”, gʷhn̥ tó s “beaten”, gʷhn̥ tí s and gʷhn̥ ti̯ü (?) ‘schlagen”, gʷhen tel ‘schläger”, gʷhen tu̯o s “occidendus” …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • Laryngeal theory — The laryngeal theory is a generally accepted theory of historical linguistics which proposes the existence of a set of three (or more) consonant sounds that appear in most current reconstructions of the Proto Indo European language (PIE). These… …   Wikipedia

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