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  • Ghata Ahounavaïti XXVIII — Le Ghata Ahounavaïti XXVIII est le premier hymne des Gathas de Zoroastre. Ce document provient de « Ghata Ahounava%C3%AFti XXVIII ». Catégorie : Zoroastrisme …   Wikipédia en Français

  • ghāṭa — a landing stage (as on the bank of a river, pond, and so on) ✍ on the western ghāṭa ✍ He took His bath at Viśrāma ghāṭa ✍ all of them took baths in this ghāṭa …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • ghaṭa-pallava — ▪ Indian art  in Indian art, important decorative motif consisting of a pot filled with flowers and leaves. In Vedic literature it is the symbol of life, the source of vegetation, a meaning that is still retained. The motif occurred in Indian art …   Universalium

  • ghaṭa — घट …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghāta — घात …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghāṭa — घाट …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghaṭa-bhava — घटभव …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghaṭa-bhedanaka — घटभेदनक …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghāta-candra — घातचन्द्र …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghaṭa-dāsī — घटदासी …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghaṭa-ghātinī — घटघातिनी …   Indonesian dictionary

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