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  • ghaṇṭika — घण्टिक …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghāṇṭika — घाण्टिक …   Indonesian dictionary

  • kshudrá-ghaṇṭikā — क्षुद्रघण्टिका …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ṡaṇá-ghaṇṭikā — शणघण्टिका …   Indonesian dictionary

  • sūkshma-ghaṇṭikā — सूक्ष्मघण्टिका …   Indonesian dictionary

  • vará-ghaṇṭikā — वरघण्टिका …   Indonesian dictionary

  • gharial — noun Etymology: Hindi & Urdu ghaṛyāl, ghaṛiyāl, ultimately from Sanskrit ghaṇṭika crocodilian Date: circa 1809 a large long snouted crocodilian (Gavialis gangeticus of the family Gavialidae) of India …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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