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  • Linga Purana — Linga Purana, one of the major eighteen Puranas, a Hindu religious text, is divided into two parts. These parts contain the description regarding the origin of universe, origin of the linga, and emergence of Brahma and Vishnu, and all the Vedas… …   Wikipedia

  • LINGA — LI face= EU Updot 烙GA Dans l’hindouisme, le signe quasi exclusif du dieu Shiva: le membre viril symbolisé par une pierre dressée. Le linga (li face= EU Updot 臘ga , mot sanskrit qui veut dire: «signe», «symbole distinctif») est l’objet principal… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Linga, Vaila — Linga is one of the Shetland Islands, near Vaila and Walls on Mainland, Shetland. (It should be noted that Linga is an extremely common name in Shetland)Geography and geologyLinga is made up of sandstone, subjected to ancient glacial… …   Wikipedia

  • Linga, Hildasay — Linga is a small island off Hildasay in the Shetland Islands. It is one of the Scalloway Islands. Haswell Smith compares Hildasay and the adjacent islands to a yeti s footprint, with Linga as a the big toe. Haswell Smith, Hamish. (2004) The… …   Wikipedia

  • Linga Longa — (Ванака,Новая Зеландия) Категория отеля: 5 звездочный отель Адрес: 181 Lakeside Road, 93 …   Каталог отелей

  • Linga (disambiguation) — Linga may refer to: * Lingam, symbol of Shiva, which is used for worship.* Linga, Victoria, a town in Australia* One of numerous Scottish islands see List of islands called LingaNot to be confused with: * Lingga Island, Indonesia * Lingga Islands …   Wikipedia

  • Linga, Vementry — Linga is one of the Shetland Islands, near Vementry. (It should be noted that Linga is an extremely common name in Shetland)Geography and geologyLinga s rock is schist and gneiss.Haswell Smith, Hamish. (2004) The Scottish Islands . Edinburgh.… …   Wikipedia

  • Linga Holm — es una pequeña isla de Escocia. La isla se encuentra localizada a unos 700 m al oeste de la isla de Stronsay, en el grupo de las Órcadas. Linga Holm ocupa un área de 57 ha, y se encuentra deshabitada. A pesar de su escasa superficie, Linga Holm… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Linga, Little and Muckle —    LINGA, LITTLE and MUCKLE, isles, in the parish of Stronsay, county of Shetland. These are small islands, the one lying to the north west of Stronsay; and the other, which is the larger, and sometimes called the Holm of Midgarth, situated in… …   A Topographical dictionary of Scotland

  • linga — s. f. [Náutica] Cadeia ou corda que, cingindo um fardo, se prende ao gancho do guindaste para o levantar. = ESLINGA   ‣ Etimologia: inglês sling linga s. m. Símbolo fálico que representa o poder criador e sob o qual Xiva, na Índia, é vulgarmente… …   Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa

  • linga — refr.: Onyte sesyte, lioj linga, prie kam tu prisėdai, liliutė linga? LTR(Jž) …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

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