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  • Bhaṭṭa — or Bhaṭṭ is an Indian surname.Bhatt or Bhaṭṭa meaning a priest is a surname common in most parts of India. It is found commonly in the states of Jammu Kashmir, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and some parts of Uttar Pradesh.HistoryBhatt/a were …   Wikipedia

  • Bhatta Kallata — was a notable Shaivite thinker who wrote Spanda karika . He was a pupil of Vasugupta …   Wikipedia

  • Bhatta — noun a) that is common in many ethnicities in India. b) Traditionally among Brahmins, a Brahmin who has learned all the four Vedas …   Wiktionary

  • BHATTA —    a title of respect for a BRAHMIN …   Concise dictionary of Religion

  • Bhatta, Padam —    Founder of a school of Sanskrit grammar in Bengal. He is credited with writing a treatise on grammar, Supad mavyakarana, in 1375, which became popular in parts of eastern India …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

  • bhaṭṭa — भट्ट …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhāṭṭa — भाट्ट …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhaṭṭa-bala-bhadra — भट्टबलभद्र …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhaṭṭa-bhāshya — भट्टभाष्य …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhaṭṭa-bhāskara — भट्टभास्कर …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhāṭṭa-bhāskara — भाट्टभास्कर …   Indonesian dictionary

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