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  • Mantri — (Sanskrit: मन्त्री) is a word of Sanskrit origin (meaning sage, i.e. the person who thinks and says in that language, cf. Mantra), used in Asian cultures with a Hindu tradition (even those that later adopted Buddhism or Islam). It is used for a… …   Wikipedia

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  • Mantri Square — mall Location Bangalore, Karnataka, India Coordinates …   Wikipedia

  • Mantri Ananda Shai — (18th Century CE) was royal uncle to Ching Thang Khomba of Manipur . He was the son of Pamheiba and brother to the usurper Chitsai. He started the Heigru Hidongba festival with his nephew Ching Thang Khomba. External links Heigru Hidongba… …   Wikipedia

  • mantri-dhura — मन्त्रिधुर …   Indonesian dictionary

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  • mantri-pradhāna — मन्त्रिप्रधान …   Indonesian dictionary

  • mantri-prakāṇḍa — मन्त्रिप्रकाण्ड …   Indonesian dictionary

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