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  • dharmika — धर्मिक …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dhārmika — धार्मिक …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dhārmika-tā — धार्मिकता …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dhārmika-tva — धार्मिकत्व …   Indonesian dictionary

  • nāṭya-dharmikā — नाट्यधर्मिका …   Indonesian dictionary

  • vásu-dharmikā — वसुधर्मिका …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ví-dharmika — विधर्मिक …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Edicts of Ashoka — The Edicts of Ashoka are a collection of 33 inscriptions on the Pillars of Ashoka, as well as boulders and cave walls, made by the Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty during his reign from 272 to 231 BC. These inscriptions are dispersed… …   Wikipedia

  • Voravongse II. — Voravongse II. (auch Vorouvongsa, Voruvongse, voller Thronname Somdet Brhat Anya Chao Vara Varman Dharmika Raja Jaya Sri Sadhana Kamayudha; * 1585; † 1622 in Luang Phrabang) war zwischen 1596 und 1621 König des laotischen Königreiches Lan Chang.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Dayananda Saraswati (Chinmaya Mission) — Swami Dayananda Saraswati Swami Dayananda Saraswati (दयानन्‍द सरस्‍वती) (born August 15, 1930)[1] is a monk of the Hindu monastic order and a renowned traditional teacher of Advaita Vedanta. Contents …   Wikipedia

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