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  • dhamana — धमन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • pra-dhamana — प्रधमन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • upa-dhamana — उपधमन …   Indonesian dictionary

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  • yogâ̱dhamana-vikrīta — योगाधमनविक्रीत …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Buldhana district — This article is about the district. For its eponymous headquarters, see Buldhana. 19°31′N 75°34′E / 19.51°N 75.57°E / 19.51; 75.57 …   Wikipedia

  • Baba Bhaniara — Baba Piara Singh Bhaniara (also Paniharewala or Bhaniarawala)(born in 1958) is the spiritual of a breakaway Sikh sect based in Dhamiana village in Ropar, Punjab. He is believed to have about 20,000 to 600,000 followers, the majority of whom are… …   Wikipedia

  • Gnade — Sf std. (8. Jh.), mhd. g(e)nāde, ahd. gināda, ginādī, as. ginātha Stammwort. Aus g. * (ga)nǣþōn f. Wohlwollen, Gunst , auch in anord. náđ (möglicherweise entlehnt, dann ist das Wort ursprünglich nur deutsch), afr. nēthe. Kann ein Verbalabstraktum …   Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen sprache

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