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  • bandhura — बन्धुर …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bandhūra — बन्धूर …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bandhura-gātrī — बन्धुरगात्री …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bandhura-komalâ̱ṅguli — बन्धुरकोमलाङ्गुलि …   Indonesian dictionary

  • pañca-bandhura — पञ्चबन्धुर …   Indonesian dictionary

  • pūrṇá-bandhura — पूर्णबन्धुर …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Malladi — is a village in Amaravati mandal of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Bhavirisetty Hanumatha Rao is the sarpanch of the village. It has around 500 houses in the village. The main occupation of the village is agriculture. The village depends …   Wikipedia

  • bandure — ⇒BANDURE, subst. fém. BOT. Plante dont les feuilles portent une espèce d urne remplie d un liquide agréable à boire. Synon. népenthès. Rem. Attesté dans les dict. de l Ac. (1835 1932). Prononc. Dernière transcr. dans DG : ban . Étymol. et Hist.… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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