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  • dárṡana-patha — दर्शनपथ …   Indonesian dictionary

  • saṉ-darṡana-patha — संदर्शनपथ …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Dhatu-patha — Dhātu pāṭha ou Dhātupāṭha (formé de dhātu : धातु qui signifie « élément » ou « racine verbale » et de pāṭha : पाठ qui veut dire « lecture », « récitation » ou « leçon »)[1] est un… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Smriti — (Sanskrit स्मृति, that which is remembered ) refers to a specific body of Hindu religious scripture. Smriti also denotes non Shruti texts generally, seen as secondary in authority to Shruti . The literature which comprises the Smriti was composed …   Wikipedia

  • Parwar (Jain) — Parwar, also spelt as Paravāra (परवार in Hindi, पौरपट्ट in Sanskrit inscriptions), is a major Jain community from the Bundelkhand region, which is largely in Madhya Pradesh, but also includes Lalitpur region of Uttar Pradesh. They exclusively… …   Wikipedia

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