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  • Daksha — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda En el marco del hinduismo, Daksha (दक्ष ‘el hábil’) es un antiguo dios creador, uno de los Prayapatis[1] de los rishis y de los Aditiás …   Wikipedia Español

  • Daksha —    Daksha is a RISHI, best known as the father in law of SHIVA. He is the son of the god BRAHMA and father of Shiva’s first wife, SAT I.    Daksha is best known for the events surround ing a Vedic sacrifice that he sponsored without inviting… …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

  • Daksha — (Sanskrit, m., दक्ष, Dakṣa) ist eine Göttergestalt der hinduistischen Mythologie, der jedoch für das Glaubensleben keine Rolle spielt. In der Mythologie kommt er als ziegenköpfiger Sohn des Brahma vor und er ist der Vater der Sati, der Vinata,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Daksha — Daksa redirects here. For the island in Croatia, see Daksa (island). Daksha Ram faced Daksha (right) with Virabhadra form of Shiva Devanagari दक्ष Consort …   Wikipedia

  • Daksha —    In Vedic myth one of the early gods who eventually became subordinated to Siva. Daksha was an Adityas, a Prajapati, and a Rishis. He was the father of Uma, the wife of Siva, and Diti, the wife of Kasyapa. There was a great quarrel between… …   Who’s Who in non-classical mythology

  • dāksha — दाक्ष …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dáksha — दक्ष …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dáksha-jā — दक्षजा …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dáksha-kanyā — दक्षकन्या …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dáksha-kratú — दक्षक्रतु …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dáksha-makha-mathana — दक्षमखमथन …   Indonesian dictionary

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