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  • Dharma śāstra — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Dharma śāstra es un género de textos sánscritos que hace referencia al śāstra o método hinduista de aprendizaje en el ámbito del dharma y a las obligaciones legales. El voluminoso corpus textual de los Dharmaśāstra… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Dharma Sastra — Dharma Sastra, so v.w. Dherma 2) …   Pierer's Universal-Lexikon

  • dharma-śāstra — religious śāstras, such as Manu saṁhitā, delineating the codes of behavior for human beings …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • hārīta-dharma-ṡāstra — हारीतधर्मशास्त्र …   Indonesian dictionary

  • mānavá-dharma-ṡāstra — मानवधर्मशास्त्र …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Dharma Raja — Born 1724 Died 1798 Occupation Maharajah of Travancore Religion Hindu Kingdom of Travancore …   Wikipedia

  • Dharma Raja of Travancore — Dharma Raja Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma [The names of members of Royal houses of Kerala usually succeeded their birth star (nal or nakshatra). Thiru added for respect. As most of the royal names were Rama varma, Kerala Varma, Raja Raja Varma,… …   Wikipedia

  • Sastra — Shastra (Sanskrit: शास्त्र, śāstra) bezeichnet eine Schrift, Lehre, Anweisung im allgemeinen Sinne. So bedeutet Astra Shastra das Wissen über die Waffen, Astra heißt Waffe, und Shastra Wissen oder Lehrbuch. Es kann sich dabei sowohl um Schriften… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • sanatana dharma —    Sanatana dharma (eternal way) is a term created in 19th century India as a more meaningful syn onym for Hinduism. The word Hindu, after all, was not indigenous to the culture, but was coined by ancient Persians (based on their pronuncia tion… …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

  • Neeti Sastra — Neeti Saara (or) Neeti Sastra is a very popular collection of morals written by Baddena, a Telugu poet. Baddena (1220 1280? AD) is the composer of the most famous Sumathi Satakam as well as Niti Sastra. Complete details about his origin are not… …   Wikipedia

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