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  • Candala — Qandala (auch Kandala oder Candala) ist eine Stadt im Nordosten Somalias mit etwa 16.000 Einwohnern[1]. Sie liegt an der Nordküste der Region Bari, die Teil des faktisch autonomen Puntland ist. Qandala verfügt über einen Flughafen. Quellen ↑ …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • caṇḍāla — ▪ caste       class of people in India generally considered to be outcastes and untouchables. According to the ancient law code the Manu smṛti, the class originated from the union of a Brahmin (the highest class within the varṇa, or four class… …   Universalium

  • candalā — चन्दला …   Indonesian dictionary

  • cāṇḍālá — चाण्डाल …   Indonesian dictionary

  • caṇḍāla-tā — चण्डालता …   Indonesian dictionary

  • cāṇḍāla — 1. an outcaste race known to eat dogmeat 2. one born in such a race …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • candala-devī — चन्दलदेवी …   Indonesian dictionary

  • caṇḍāla-kanda — चण्डालकन्द …   Indonesian dictionary

  • caṇḍāla-tva — चण्डालत्व …   Indonesian dictionary

  • caṇḍāla-vallakī — चण्डालवल्लकी …   Indonesian dictionary

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