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  • Bhava — ist das Sanskrit und Pali Wort für gewohnheitsmässige Tendenzen oder Daseinsprozess , abgeleitet von der Wurzel bhu. Es hat vielfältige Bedeutungen. Buddhismus Ausschnitt a.d. tibetischen Bhavachakra Im Buddhismus bedeutet Bhava die Kontinuität… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Bhava — is the Sanskrit and Pāli word for becoming in the sense of ongoing worldly existence , from the root bhū to become .Synonyms: *有 Cn: yǒu ; Jp: u ; Vi: hữu *Tibetan: In Buddhism, bhava means the continuity of life and death, conditioned… …   Wikipedia

  • Bhava — peut désigner : Le devenir (sanskrit, pâli ; chinois : 有 yǒu ; japonais : u) ou processus de l existence L émotion, le sentiment, la dévotion (en sanscrit) Sommaire 1 Bahva dans l hindouisme 2 Bahva dans le b …   Wikipédia en Français

  • bhāva — 1. spiritual emotions, love or sentiments 2. the initial stage of perfection in devotion (bhāva bhakti). A stage of bhakti in which śuddha sattva, the essence of the Lord’s internal potency consisting of spiritual knowledge and bliss, is… …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • bhava —       (Sanskrit), in the Buddhist chain of dependent origination, the “becoming” that immediately precedes birth. See pratītya samutpāda. * * * …   Universalium

  • bhavā — भवा …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhavá — भव …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhāvá — भाव …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhavá-dā — भवदा …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhāvá-ja — भावज …   Indonesian dictionary

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