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  • bībhatsa — बीभत्स …   Indonesian dictionary

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  • su-bībhatsa — सुबीभत्स …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Raga Puriyadhanasri — Puriya Dhanashree is a rāga in the Hindustani classical music. It belongs to the Purvi Thaat and has been derived from the Janak raga.BackgroundA raga in Sanskrit means a melody which is pleasing to the ear therefore a raga must consist of a… …   Wikipedia

  • Nava rasas — The Nine Rasas are the nine basic emotions that are fundamental to all Indian aesthetics and art forms dance, music and literature. Bharata Muni enunciated the Rasas for the first time.Bharata Muni, in his Nātyasāstra, spoke only of eight rasas:… …   Wikipedia

  • Oriya literature — Indian literature Assamese Bengali Bhojpuri Gujarati Hindi Kannada Kashmiri …   Wikipedia

  • РАСА — в антропологии группа людей, в которой характерный внешний облик обусловлен общими наследственными конституционными признаками (цветом кожи, формой головы, формой лица и носа, формой и цветом волос, размерами тела и т. д.). Осн. человеческие расы …   Философская энциклопедия

  • rasa —    Rasa (taste) is an important Indian aesthetic con cept applied to literature, drama, and occasionally mythology. Literally, rasa is the taste, savor, or essence of something. In aesthetics rasa is the essential sentiment embedded in a work of… …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

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