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  • Namin County — شهرستان نمین   County   Coordinates …   Wikipedia

  • Namin — For the administrative subdivision, see Namin County. Namin نمين   city   …   Wikipedia

  • nāmin — नामिन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Stas Namin — (real name Anastas Alekseyevich Mikoyan; ru. Стас Намин; Анастас Алексеевич Микоян) (born November 1951, Moscow) is a Soviet and Russian producer, guitarist and vocalist. He founded the group Tsvety (1969) and others Politburo (Политбюро, 1963),… …   Wikipedia

  • Shahrestan-e Namin — Admin ASC 2 Code Orig. name Shahrestān e Namīn Country and Admin Code IR.32.449472 IR …   World countries Adminstrative division ASC I-II

  • abhi-nāmin — अभिनामिन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ava-nāmin — अवनामिन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • pari-ṇāmin — परिणामिन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • pra-ṇāmin — प्रणामिन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Pyramids of Mars — For the pyramid shaped structures on the planet Mars, see Cydonia Mensae. For the Dudley Simpson soundtrack, see Doctor Who Pyramids of Mars. 082 – Pyramids of Mars Doctor Who serial …   Wikipedia

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