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  • bhūtá-tva — भूतत्व …   Indonesian dictionary

  • antar-bhūta-tva — अन्तर्भूतत्व …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ud-bhūta-tva — उद्भूतत्व …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Indo-Aryan languages — or Indic languages Major subgroup of the Indo Iranian branch of the Indo European language family. Indo Aryan languages are spoken by more than 800 million people, principally in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The Old Indo… …   Universalium

  • bheu-, bheu̯ǝ- (bhu̯ā-, bhu̯ē-) : bhō̆ u- : bhū- —     bheu , bheu̯ǝ (bhu̯ā , bhu̯ē ) : bhō̆ u : bhū     English meaning: to be; to grow     Deutsche Übersetzung: ursprũnglich “wachsen, gedeihen”     Note: (probably = “to swell”), compare O.Ind. prábhūta ḥ with O.Ind. bhūri ḥ etc under *b(e)u …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

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