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  • bhágavat-svarūpa-vishaya-ṡaṅkā-nirāsa — भगवत्स्वरूपविषयशङ्कानिरास …   Indonesian dictionary

  • svarūpa — ✍ aṁśa svarūpa, the partial manifestation. ✍ ānanda svarūpa, the original form of bliss. ✍ āśraya svarūpa, the abode of all rasa. ✍ bhagavat svarūpa, the internal identity or form of the Lord. ✍ cinmaya svarūpa, transcendental form. ✍ cintāmaṇi… …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • Ravindra Svarupa Dasa — (William H. Deadwyler; * 27. Juli 1947) ist ein amerikanischer Religionswissenschaftler. Er studierte Philosophie an der University of Pennsylvania und Religionswissenschaft an der Temple University, wo er auch in Religionswissenschaft… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • dīkṣā — receiving initiation from a spiritual master. In the Bhakti sandarbha (Anuccheda 283) Jīva Gosvāmī has defined dīkṣā as follows: divyaṁ jñānaṁ yato dadyāt kuryāt pāpasya saṅkṣayam | tasmād dīkṣeti sā proktā deśikais tattva kovikaiḥ || “Learned… …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • Bhaktisvarupa Damodar Swami — (1937 2006) original name Dr. Thoudam Damodar Singh was a scientist, spiritual teacher (Acharya), teacher and poet. He is known for his pioneering efforts for more than thirty years to interface and explore the harmony between both science and… …   Wikipedia

  • Svayam Bhagavan — This article is about a Hindu philosophical concept: the original or absolute manifestation of God. For other meanings, see Krishna (disambiguation) and Bhagavan (disambiguation). Svayam Bhagavan (IAST IAST|svayam bhagavān ), The Lord or Lord… …   Wikipedia

  • Hindu reform movements — An article related to Hinduism …   Wikipedia

  • Vyasa — For the author of Brahma Sutras, see Badarayana. For the crater on Mercury, see Vyasa (crater). Vyasa Veda Vyasa (modern painting) Titles/honours Festival of Guru Purnima, is dedicated to him, and also known as Vyasa Purnima as it is the day,… …   Wikipedia

  • Gaudiya Vaishnavism — Gaudiya Vaishnava temple at Tirupathi Gaudiya Vaishnavism (also known as Chaitanya Vaishnavism[1] and Hare Krishna) is a Vaishnava religious movement founded by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (1486–1534) in India in the 16th century. Gaudiya refers to the …   Wikipedia

  • Guru-shishya tradition — An article related to Hinduism …   Wikipedia

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