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  • Marman Products — Company, Inc. of Inglewood, California, was a business established by Zeppo Marx (1901–1979) in 1941. Until 1933 he had been the Marx Brothers straight man, and Marman Products made clamping devices and straps. During World War II, like many… …   Wikipedia

  • Marman clamp — A Marman clamp is a type of heavy duty band clamp; it allows two flat cylindrical interfaces to be simply clamped together with a ring clamp. Also sometimes known as a Marman ring . A common use for Marman clamps is their use as a quick… …   Wikipedia

  • Marman Twin — The Marman Twin was a motorcycle that Herbert Zeppo Marx produced in 1948 and 1949 at Marman Products of Inglewood, CA. The engine was a Drone Airplane engine from WWII that was produced at the Jack Heintz Aircraft Co. Categories: Motorcycle… …   Wikipedia

  • márman — मर्मन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • adho-marman — अधोमर्मन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhinná-marman — भिन्नमर्मन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ṡiro-marman — शिरोमर्मन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • snā́yu-marman — स्नायुमर्मन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Eckankar — Eckankar. Eckankar is a new religious movement founded in the United States in 1965, though practiced around the world long before with a solid following in China. It focuses on spiritual exercises enabling practitioners to experience what its… …   Wikipedia

  • Zeppo Marx — Infobox Person name = Herbert Zeppo Marx caption = Zeppo in 1931 dead = dead birth name=Herbert Manfred Marx birth date = birth date|1901|2|25|mf=y birth place = New York, New York death date = nowrap|death date and age|1979|11|30|1901|2|25 death …   Wikipedia

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