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  • TV Varkey — T. V. Varkey is a Kerala born Indian writer, who writes novels and short stories both in Malayalam (his mother tongue) and English. He lives in Tripunithura, very close to Kochi. Born: April 2, 1938 Mevelloor, Kottayam, Kerala, India Occupation:… …   Wikipedia

  • Thinakkal Padmanabhan — is a popular short story writer in Malayalam. His major works are Prakasam Parathunna Penkutti (The Girl Who Spreads Radiance, 1955), O ru Kathakrithu Kurishil (A Story Writer being Crucified, 1956), Makhan Singhinte Maranam (The Death of Makhan… …   Wikipedia

  • Rasa (Kunst) — Rasa (Sanskrit, m., रस , wörtlich Saft, Geschmack, Essenz, Stimmung) ist der zentrale Begriff der klassischen indischen Ästhetik. Er bezeichnet den nicht in Worte zu fassenden mentalen Zustand der Freude und Erfüllung, der sich beim Genuss eines… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • V. C. Sreejan — is a literary critic writing in Malayalam. Born in 1951, he retired in 2007 after working as Reader in English in Government Brennen College, Thalassery. He has published 11 books in Malayalam. Chinthayile Roopakangal , (1991) is a collection of… …   Wikipedia

  • Johann Ernst Hanxleden — (1681 at Ostercappeln, near Osnabrück, in Lower Saxony, Germany 20 March 1732, at Palayur, in Trichur district, Kerala, India), known as Arnos Paathiri (or Arnos Padri ) was a German Jesuit priest, missionary in India and a Malayalam/Sanskrit… …   Wikipedia

  • Telugu literature — is the literature of the Telugu people, an ethnic group based in southern India.HistoryEarly historyTelugu literature prior to Nannayya Bhattarakudu’s Andhra Mahabharatamu was not preserved, except royal grants and decrees. It was almost the end… …   Wikipedia

  • Ananda Sutram — is the basic scripture of modern Yoga composed in Sanskrit by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (1921 1990) in the year 1961. In the best traditions of sutra literature, the sutras (eighty five in number), serve with breathtaking conciseness, as a… …   Wikipedia

  • Upajjhatthana Sutta — The Upajjhatthana Sutta ( Subjects for Contemplation ) is a Buddhist discourse (Pali: sutta ; Skt.: sutra ) famous for its inclusion of five remembrances, five facts regarding life s fragility and our true inheritance. The discourse advises that… …   Wikipedia

  • C. V. Sreeraman — was born on 1931 February 7th.He was the Vice Chairman of Kerala Sahitya Akademi. He was famous as a gifted Short Story writer and novelist in Malayalam. C.V. Sreeraman’s stories stand foremost core to the theme, as exemplified by his Anayasena… …   Wikipedia

  • Mammootty filmography — Mammootty is a Indian film actor who acted his most of the films in Malayalam.[1] He has acted in more than 350 films, most of them in leading role in Malayalam cinema. Mammootty Conten …   Wikipedia

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