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  • krosa — ×krosà (l. krasa) sf. 1. dažai; rausva spalva: Krosa raudona SD85. Krosa žemčiūginė SD245. Medelis tos krosos SD85. Jupa arba kas kito nudaryta ta krosa SD85. | Čiūdelninkas su krosomis krosijo sau veidą J. 2. Q644 raudonos spalvos mineralas,… …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

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  • Typhoon Krosa — The name Krosa has been used to name two tropical cyclones in the western north Pacific Ocean. The name was contributed by Cambodia and means crane.* 2001 s Typhoon Krosa * 2007 s Typhoon Krosa …   Wikipedia

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  • apa-kroṡa — अपक्रोश …   Indonesian dictionary

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