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  • khaṇḍita — खण्डित …   Indonesian dictionary

  • khaṇḍita-vigraha — खण्डितविग्रह …   Indonesian dictionary

  • khaṇḍita-vṛitta — खण्डितवृत्त …   Indonesian dictionary

  • khaṇḍitâ̱ṡaṉsa — खण्डिताशंस …   Indonesian dictionary

  • a-khaṇḍita — अखण्डित …   Indonesian dictionary

  • a-khaṇḍita-rtu — अखण्डितर्तु …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Ashta Nayika — The Ashta Nayika is a collective name for eight types of nayikas or heroines as classified by Bharata in his Sanskrit treatise on performing arts Natya Shastra. The eight nayikas represent eight different states (avastha) in relationship to her… …   Wikipedia

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