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  • Dasya — Saint Dasya was a Christian martyr of the third century. He was born in Tanda, Egypt, and served as a soldier in the Roman army. Refusing to deny Christ, Dasya was tortured by Arianus, governor of Ansena, and his head was eventually cut off His… …   Wikipedia

  • dāsya — 1. the second of the five primary reationships with the Lord that is established in the stages of bhāva or prema; love or attraction to Kṛṣṇa which is expressed in the mood of a servant 2. in this world the general relationship of practising… …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

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  • dasya — ˈdasēə noun Usage: capitalized Etymology: New Latin, from Greek dasys : a widely distributed genus (the type of the family Dasyaceae) of marine red algae having a filiform sympodially branched thallus see chenille weed …   Useful english dictionary

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