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  • bhajana — 1. activities performed with the consciousness of being a servant of Śrī Kṛṣṇa. The word bhajana is derived from the verbal root “bhaj” which is defined in the Garuḍa Purāṇa (Pūrva khaṇḍa 231.3): bhaj ity eṣa vai dhātuḥ sevāyāṁ parikīrtitaḥ |… …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • bhajana-kriyā — taking up the practices of bhakti, such as hearing and chanting. There are sixty four primary limbs of bhakti, of which the first four are: to take shelter of the lotus feet of the spiritual master; to receive initiation (dīkṣā) and spiritual… …   The Bhaktivedanta encyclopedia

  • bhajana — भजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhinná-bhājana — भिन्नभाजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • dīpa-bhājana — दीपभाजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ghṛitá-bhājana — घृतभाजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • índra-bhājaná — इन्द्रभाजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • jalá-bhājana — जलभाजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • kācá-bhājana — काचभाजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • kará-bhājana — करभाजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • kāryá-bhājana — कार्यभाजन …   Indonesian dictionary

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