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  • Gandharva Kingdom — refers to the territory inhabited by a tribe called Gandharvas who were one among the Exotic Tribes of Ancient India. They were well versed in music and dance. Gandarvas were also powerful warriors who roamed in Indian kingdoms disregarding any… …   Wikipedia

  • Haridwar in scriptures — The city of Haridwar (Hindi: हरिद्वार) finds mention in numerous scriptures (religious texts) and manuscripts of antiquity, as well as in various historical documents of the recent past. It is mentioned by its various names, which signify its… …   Wikipedia

  • Vishnu — For other uses, see Vishnu (disambiguation). Vishnu Devanagari विष्णु Sanskrit Transliteration …   Wikipedia

  • Renúkā — La diosa Renuka en el templo de Mahur (Maharashtra). Debajo se lee: Śrī Renukā mātā māharagañ (Sra. Arena madre, gran amante’). En el marco de la mitología hindú, Renúkā es una diosa (actualmente conocida como Yellamma) hija del sabio Renú… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Ailas — were a dynasty of kings of ancient India. Pururavas was the most famous Aila King. The Indian epic Mahabharata has the following mention about Ailas at section 2: 14: The numerous royal lines and other ordinary Kshatriyas all represent themselves …   Wikipedia

  • Saraswata Kingdom — was an ancient kingdom, territory or region that was situated on the banks of the river Sarasvati River during the pre historic ages. This region is mentioned in detail in as many as 20 chapters in Mahabharata from (9:35) to (9:54). The Yadava… …   Wikipedia

  • Naga Kingdom — This article is about the Nagas in Indian epic literature. For the present day Naga people, see Naga people. For the mythological Nagas, see Nāga. Naga Kingdom refers to the territory of a tribe called Nagas who were a group of hardy and… …   Wikipedia

  • Airavata — Indra auf Airavata. Sandsteinrelief an Ziegeltempel der Hauptstadt Sambor Prei Kuk des Chenla Reichs in der kambodschanischen Provinz Kampong Thom. Südgruppe, S. 7, Anfang 7. Jahrhundert. Heute im Musée Guimet, Paris. Airavata (Sanskrit, m.,… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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