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  • List of indigenous languages in Argentina — This is a list of Indigenous languages that are or were spoken in the present territory of Argentina.Although the official language of Argentina is Spanish, several Indigenous languages are in use. Most are spoken only within their respective… …   Wikipedia

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  • Yaudheya — or Yaudheya Gana was an ancient tribal confederation who lived in the area between the Indus river and the Ganges river. They find mention in Panini s Ashtadhyayi and Ganapatha. There are other references to them namely in Mahabharata, Mahamayuri …   Wikipedia

  • Usinaras — were an ancient people attested to have been living in central Punjab since remote antiquity. They were often associated with Madras, Kekayas, Sibis etc and their territory formed part of Vahika country according to evidence of Panini. Usinaras… …   Wikipedia

  • Chakra — Localización de los siete chakrás en el cuerpo humano …   Wikipedia Español

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