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  • Kalyana Varadharaja Perumal Temple — was an ancient temple that exists in Paruthiyur which is located at 31 Paruthiyur Sengalipuram, Thiruvarur District 612 604. The main Idol Adhi Varadarajar is gracing with Prayoga Chakra . This chakra was sent to protect Ambarisha, a Vishnu… …   Wikipedia

  • Kalyana — is one of the neighbourhood of New Karachi Town in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. [ [http://www.karachicity.gov.pk/town/index.asp?txtTown=New Karachi New Karachi Town Government of Karachi] ] There are several ethnic groups in New Karachi Town… …   Wikipedia

  • Kalyana — کلیانہ Kalyana Escudo …   Wikipedia Español

  • Kalyāṇa-mittatā — IAST|Kalyāṇa mittatā (Pali; Skt.: IAST| mitratā ) is a Buddhist concept of spiritual friendship within Buddhist community life, applicable to both monastic and householder relationships. One involved in such a relationship is known as a good… …   Wikipedia

  • Kalyana Mandapam — Anjali Pictures Kalyana Mandapam is a 1971 Telugu Film Starring Shobhan Babu, Kanchana, Jaggiah, Anjali, Gummadi and others. The film is directed by V. Madhusudhan Rao. This is a film dealing with the Devadasi Tradition prevalent in Zamindari… …   Wikipedia

  • kalyāṇâ̱bhijana — कल्याणाभिजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • kalyāṇâ̱bhiniveṡin — कल्याणाभिनिवेशिन् …   Indonesian dictionary

  • kalyāṇâ̱cāra — कल्याणाचार …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Nanjundi Kalyana — Directed by M.S. Rajashekar Produced by Parvathamma Rajkumar Starring Raghavendra Rajkumar Girija Lokesh Malashri Music by …   Wikipedia

  • áti-kalyaṇa — अतिकल्यण …   Indonesian dictionary

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