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  • hvṛi — ह्वृ …   Indonesian dictionary

  • hvṛī — ह्वॄ …   Indonesian dictionary

  • hvri — 松子 …   锡汉教学词典

  • upa-hvṛi — उपह्वृ …   Indonesian dictionary

  • vi-hvṛi — विह्वृ …   Indonesian dictionary

  • hos’ hvri — 卷毛的 (毛发)卷曲的 …   锡汉教学词典

  • hurry*/ — [ˈhʌri] verb [I/T] I to do something or to move somewhere very quickly, or to make someone do this We must hurry or we ll be late.[/ex] Alex had to hurry home, but I decided to stay.[/ex] She hurried along the corridor towards his office.[/ex]… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • Hurrian — [ hʌrɪən] noun 1》 a member of an ancient people who settled in Syria and northern Mesopotamia during the 3rd–2nd millennia BC. 2》 the language of the Hurrians, written in cuneiform. adjective relating to the Hurrians or their language. Origin… …   English new terms dictionary

  • hurry-scurry — /hʌri ˈskʌri/ (say huree skuree) noun (plural hurry scurries) 1. headlong, disorderly haste; hurry and confusion. –adverb 2. with hurrying and scurrying. 3. confusedly; in a bustle. –adjective 4. characterised by headlong, disorderly flight or… …   Australian English dictionary

  • hurry-up — /ˈhʌri ʌp/ (say huree up) noun 1. a reminder or prompting to action: go and give them a hurry up. –adjective 2. prompting; urging: a hurry up call. –phrase 3. give someone a hurry up, Colloquial to urge someone to greater speed …   Australian English dictionary

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