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  • Bhati — / Bhatti ( hi. भाटी (Bhati), pa. ਭੱਟੀ (Bhatti / भटटी), ur. بھٹی) is a Rajput caste and is one of the largest tribes among Rajputs. It is also a prominent Gujjar and Jat gotra. They are found in Northern India and Pakistan. Rawal Jaisal Singh… …   Wikipedia

  • Bhati Bhasha — Bhati BhasaA dialect of Konkani spoken by Padye Brahmins of Goa who belong to Karhade Brahmin group.This dialect is nasal and has many Marathi words.The poeople who speak this dialect are called as Bhatts in Goa …   Wikipedia

  • Bhati Gate — The Bhati Gate is located within Walled City of Lahore in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Bhati Gate entrance is located on the Western wall of the Old City. It is one of the two oldest entry points into the Walled City which controlled the only major… …   Wikipedia

  • Bhati (town) — Infobox Indian Jurisdiction native name = Bhati | type = city | latd = | longd = state name = Delhi district = South leader title = leader name = altitude = population as of = 2001 population total = 15,882| population density = area magnitude=… …   Wikipedia

  • bhāti — भाति …   Indonesian dictionary

  • bhāṭi — भाटि …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Devi Singh Bhati — is a member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Kolayat in Rajasthan state in India. He was a cabinet minister in the government led by Vasundhara Raje.[1] He was born in Barsalpur village in Bikaner and graduated BA before entering… …   Wikipedia

  • Narayan Singh Bhati — (1930–2004) was a prominent writer in Rajasthani language. Works He was the founder and director of Rajasthani Research Institute based at Chopasani Jodhpur since 1955 until 1993. He was deeply involved in preservation of old Rajasthani… …   Wikipedia

  • kapā́la-bhātī — कपालभाती …   Indonesian dictionary

  • malla-bhaṭī-tūrya — मल्लभटीतूर्य …   Indonesian dictionary

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