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  • Chowka bhara — is a two or four player board game from India. Contents 1 Set up 2 Object of the game 3 Rules 4 References …   Wikipedia

  • Имперфект — (несовершенное время) одно из так наз. вторичных времен, принадлежащих к системе настоящего времени по образованию временной основы. И. свойственен многим индоевропейским языкам и несомненно существовал уже в индоевропейском праязыке. От… …   Энциклопедический словарь Ф.А. Брокгауза и И.А. Ефрона

  • Mandala 5 — The fifth Mandala of the Rigveda has 87 hymns. Most hymns in this book are attributed to the atri family. The mandala is one of the family books (mandalas 2 7), the oldest core of the Rigveda. The hymns are dedicated mainly to Agni and Indra, the …   Wikipedia

  • Tharavadu — is a system of joint family practised by people in Kerala, south India, especially castes like Namboothris, Nairs and Ezhavas. Each Tharavadu has a unique name. As joint families grew and established independent settlements, the Sakhas (branches) …   Wikipedia

  • Bhāsa — is one of the earliest and most celebrated Indian playwrights in Sanskrit. However, very little is known about him. Kālidāsa in the introduction to his first play Malavikagnimitram writes Shall we neglect the works of such illustrious authors as… …   Wikipedia

  • Mamta Sagar — was born in 1966 in Bangalore. India. She is a contemporary Kannada poet and playwright living in Bangalore, in Karnataka, India. Mamta has three collections of poems, “Hiige Haaleya Maile Haadu” (Like this the song) 2007 (to be published… …   Wikipedia

  • Dwijendralal Ray — দ্বিজেন্দ্রলাল রায় Dwijendralal Ray Born 19 July 1863(1863 07 19) Krishnanagar, Nadia, Bengal Presidency, India (now West Bengal …   Wikipedia

  • Tragedy — other uses redirect|Tragedian LiteratureTragedy ( gr. , tragōidia , goat song ) is a form of art based on human suffering that offers its audience pleasure. [Banham (1998, 1118). In his speculative work on the origins of Athenean tragedy, The… …   Wikipedia

  • Histoire du Ladakh — Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Pongalil Tharavad — About PONGALIL THARAVADU ( Tharavadu means ancient and highly respected big Family) Biography Pongalil is a very famous aristocratic Nair family in Ernakulam District and the head count will be to the tune of 2000 members in around 500 households …   Wikipedia

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