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  • Sant Mat — was a loosely associated group of teachers that became prominent in the northern part of the Indian sub continent from about the 13th century. Theologically, their teachings are distinguished by an inward, loving devotion to a divine principle,… …   Wikipedia

  • Sant Mat — (hindi : संत मत) était un groupe de leaders spirituels qui a acquis une certaine importance dans le nord de l Inde aux environs du XIIIe siècle. Leur enseignement était orienté vers la Bhakti et à un égalitarisme en porte à faux avec le …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Sant Mat movement — (est. 1861)    The Sant Mat movement, also known as the RADHASOAMI MOVEMENT, emerged in the middle of the 19th century in the Punjab, as one of several movements that sought to revitalize the Sikh community after its government was defeated and… …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

  • Bhaktivedanta, Swami A. C. Prabhupada (1896–1977) —    Vaishnavite guru and founder of the International Society for Krishna ConsciousnessBhaktivedanta Swami played a major role in inter preting Vedanta for modern Western readers and in spreading the worship of Krishna outside India. For several… …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

  • Kabir — Al Kabir the Great is also one of the 99 names of God in Islam. For a complete disambiguation page, see Kabir (disambiguation) Kabīr (also Kabīra) (Hindi: कबीर, Punjabi: ਕਬੀਰ, Urdu: کبير‎ (1398 mdash;1448) [ This date is now universally accepted… …   Wikipedia

  • Teachings of Prem Rawat — The core of Prem Rawat s teaching is that the individual’s need for fulfillment can be satisfied by turning within to contact a constant source of peace and joy. Rather than a body of dogma, he emphasizes a direct experience of transcendence,… …   Wikipedia

  • Tukaram — Tukārām was a prominent Marathi Sant and religious poet in the Hindu tradition in India. He was born and lived most of his life in Dehu , a town close to Pune city in Mahārāshtra, India. He was born to a couple with the family name Moray the… …   Wikipedia

  • Mahātmā — For other uses, see Mahatma (disambiguation). Mahatma is Sanskrit for Great Soul . It is similar in usage to the modern Christian term saint. This epithet is commonly applied to prominent people like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Jyotirao Phule …   Wikipedia

  • Balasana — (Sanskrit: बालासन), Child s Pose,[1] or Child s Resting Pose, is an asana. Contents …   Wikipedia

  • South Asian arts — Literary, performing, and visual arts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Myths of the popular gods, Vishnu and Shiva, in the Puranas (ancient tales) and the Mahabharata and Ramayana epics, supply material for representational and… …   Universalium

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