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  • bhā-1, bhō-, bhǝ- —     bhā 1, bhō , bhǝ     English meaning: to shine     Deutsche Übersetzung: “glänzen, leuchten, scheinen”     Material: O.Ind. bhü (in compound) “ shine, light, lustre “, bhü ti “ shines, (he) appears “, bhü ti ḥ “light”, bhü na m n. “ the… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • bhā-2 —     bhā 2     English meaning: to speak     Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘sprechen”     Material: O.Ind. probably in sabhü “ congregation, meeting “ (“*conversation, discussion”; bhü in O.Ind. indeed otherwise up to bhánati, see under only in the… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • bhā̆ u-1 : bhū̆ - —     bhā̆ u 1 : bhū̆     English meaning: to hit     Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schlagen, stoßen”     Material: a) With present formation d : Lat. fūstis (*bhūd sti s) “ a knobbed stick, cudgel, staff, club “ (= Gaul. būstis in aprov. bust “ tree… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • BHA — [bē΄āch΄ā′] n. [b(utylated) h(ydroxy)a(nisole)] a waxy, white, synthetic antioxidant, (CH3) 3CC6H3OHOCH3, used as a preservative in foods containing fats and oils …   English World dictionary

  • Bha|ga|vad-Gi|ta — «BUHG uh vuhd GEE tah», noun. a Sanskrit philosophical dialogue of about A.D. 1 in which Krishna (Bhagavat) is identified with the Supreme Being, and expounds the duties and customs that are basic to Hinduism. ╂[< Sanskrit Bhagavadgītā… …   Useful english dictionary

  • bhā̆ d- —     bhā̆ d     English meaning: good     Deutsche Übersetzung: “gut”     Material: O.Ind. bhadrá ḥ “ joyful, gratifying, lucky, good “, n. “ luck, salvation”, su bhadra ḥ “ lovely, superb, pretty, splendid “ = Av. hu baδra “ lucky “; Goth.… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

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