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  • Barha — (Nepal Bhasa:बाह्रा)is a Nepalese ceremony for girls. It involves twelve days of solitude without males or sunlight. See BahraBarha also refers to a Nepalese savory pancake …   Wikipedia

  • Bahra — Barha pikayegu in Newar Language literally means to make menstruation come out . This custom in Newars is done after Ihi and before a teenager reaches puberty. The custom is carried out before she gets her first menstruation. This custom entails… …   Wikipedia

  • Saiyid Brothers — The Saiyid Brothers were members of a noble family in Mughal India who played a significant role in the consolidating of the Mughal Empire in Akbar s time and after the reign of the emperor Aurangzeb in the early 18th century. The Saiyid Brothers …   Wikipedia

  • Sayyed Mahmud Khan — Mahmud Khan MujheraSayyid Mahmud Khan Barha or Mahmud khanMilitary general of Akbar r army, Amiral Kabir Sayyid Mahmud Khan Barha son of Sayyid Mubarak alias Makhan was the first Person of this clan (Saiyids of Barah), who rose to higher dignity… …   Wikipedia

  • Mujhera — Sadaat   village   Coordinates Country India State Utta …   Wikipedia

  • Saadat-e-Bara — …Sadat e Bara or Sayads of Barha or Saadat e Barha Saadat Bara/Saiyids of Barha Sadat e Bara refers to a group of twelve villages situated in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh (India).The villages are: *Kakrouli *Jutwaara *Mujhera… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Nepal-related topics — This is a list of topics related to Nepal. Those interested in the subject can monitor changes to the pages by clicking on Related changes in the sidebar.Nepal* Nepal * Nepal, Travel information * * Nepal Bhasa * Institute of Medicine, Nepal *… …   Wikipedia

  • Narsinghpur — This article is about the municipality in Madhya Pradesh, India. For its namesake district, see Narsinghpur District. Narsinghpur   city   …   Wikipedia

  • Dost Mohammad Khan, Nawab of Bhopal — Dost Mohammad Khan Nawab of Bhopal Reign 1723 28 Titles Nawab Diler Jang …   Wikipedia

  • bhereĝh- —     bhereĝh     English meaning: high; mountain     Deutsche Übersetzung: “hoch, erhaben”     Note: Root bhereĝh : “high; mountain” derived from Root bherǝĝ , bhrēĝ : “to shine; white, *ash wood, ashen, birch tree, elm”     Material: O.Ind.… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

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