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  • Bandha — (Sanskrit: बन्ध binding, bond, arrest, capturing, putting together etc. [ [http://lexica.indica et buddhica.org/dict/lexica] Monier Williams dictionary] ) is a term often employed in relation to yogic discourse and instruction. The term denotes a …   Wikipedia

  • A. Bhimsingh — was a legendary film maker, producer, editor and writer . His film career started as an assistant editor with the film making duo Krishnan Panju , in the late 1940s. His directorial debut was with Ammaiyappan (1954), he directed several movies… …   Wikipedia

  • Bandha — Le bandha (बन्ध en devanāgarī)[1] ce terme masculin sanskrit signifie : action de lier, ligature, lien, attache, chaîne, entrave ; tendon ; union, jonction ; accouplement ; capture, emprisonnement ; posture sexuelle …   Wikipédia en Français

  • ā-dhí-bandha — आधिबन्ध …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ā-ṡā́-bandha — आशाबन्ध …   Indonesian dictionary

  • ā́sana-bandha — आसनबन्ध …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Mula Bandha — Kevala Jñāna of Mahavira in mulabandhasana posture. Mula bandha has first literary mention in oldest Jain canon Acaranga Sutra Mūla Bandha is a Sanskrit (मूल बंध) compound term: Mūla denotes root , base …   Wikipedia

  • Maha Bandha — (Sanskrit: महा बंध, Mahā Bandha), translated as The great bandha is one of the internal locks or bandhas described and employed in yoga. Contents 1 Practice 2 Precaution 3 References 4 …   Wikipedia

  • Uddiyana bandha — is the abdominal lock, one of the three internal locks or bandhas described and employed in hatha yoga. It involves, after having exhale all the air out, pulling the abdomen in and up under the rib cage by means of taking a false inhale while… …   Wikipedia

  • Today Bandha Ghorar Dim — or Toray Bandha Ghorar Dim is a collection of nonsense rhymes by the acclaimed Indian film director Satyajit Ray in Bengali. The collection contains several translated rhymes and limericks besides some original works by him. The book included a… …   Wikipedia

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