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  • a-mṛíta-bhojana — अमृतभोजन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Nandwana Brahmins — The Nandwana Brahmins are a group of Nandimukh Brahmins who live in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat of India. They were priests to the Yadava Dynasty and the history is published in the 1989 edition of the Nandwana samaj sampark Their… …   Wikipedia

  • Garudá-purana — El Garudá purana es uno de los Puranas, obras que forman parte del cuerpo de los textos hinduistas conocidos como smriti (‘tradición’, en contraposición a los sruti, ‘escuchados [directamente de los dioses]’). Contenido 1 Contenido 2 Resumen 2.1… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Mundkur — is a village in Karkala Taluk, Udupi district Karnataka, India. The Durga Parameshwari temple located here is more than 1300 years old. Sri Durga Parameshwari, Mundkur Contents 1 History of Sr …   Wikipedia

  • Anguttara Nikaya — Anguttara nikaya : Anguttara = supplémentaire, nikaya = recueil : (Le recueil des discours supplémentaires) est un texte bouddhique appartenant au Tipitaka. Le recueil des discours supplémentaires se compose de 8 777 discours… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Moogooru Karnataka — Moogoor (Moogur) Karnataka Brahmins are a sect of the brahmins of Karnataka. There is a legend stating the curse by Adi Shankara to this sect and the rectification to the curse. Here is the legend.Adi Shankara, before taking Sanyas promised his… …   Wikipedia

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