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  • A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada — Infobox ReligiousBio background = #FFA07A name = A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada sanskrit = sa. अभयचरणारविन्द भक्तिवेदान्त स्वामीप्रभुपाद A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada religion = Gaudiya Vaishnavism alias = Abhay Charanaravinda, Abhay… …   Wikipedia

  • ā-cāra-bheda — आचारभेद …   Indonesian dictionary

  • Achintya Bheda Abheda — ( IAST|acintya bhedābheda in IAST) is a school of Vedanta representing the philosophy of inconceivable one ness and difference , in relation to the power creation and creator, (Krishna), svayam bhagavan.cite book author = Kaviraja, K.G. year =… …   Wikipedia

  • Sāma, Dāna, Bheda, Danda — is a method of persuasion used by the Hindu Kshatriyas. These are four of the seven techniques used by Kings to rule their Kingdoms. The other three being, Māya , Upeksha , Indrajālā .This is a political methodology to approach a given situation …   Wikipedia

  • Achintya Bheda Abheda — (सचेत तत् त्वम् असि, IAST: acintya bhedābheda, Sanskrit „achintya“ = „unbegreiflich“, „bheda“ = „Unterschied“ und „abheda“ = „Einheit“) ist eine Schule des Vedanta innerhalb der Hindu Philosophie, die die Unbegreiflichkeit von Einheit und… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Chaitania — (1486 1533) fue un santo bengalí, fundador del krisnaísmo bengalí, una de las ramas del krisnaísmo (el cual es a su vez una rama del hinduismo). Fotografía de una pintura de Cheitania, que medita en el templo de Yáganat, ca. 1900 …   Wikipedia Español

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  • Tibbetibaba — Tibbetibaba(also known as Tibetan Baba or the Monk from Tibet),originally named Nabin Chandra,was a famous Bengali philosopher saint who lived till the third decade of the twentieth century.He was one of the few saints in India whose life was an… …   Wikipedia

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