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  • Pingali Suranna — Pingali Surana (Telugu:పింగళి సూరన) (16th century CE) was a Telugu poet and was one of the Astadiggajas (literally eight elephants ) in the court of the king Krishnadevaraya.BiographyHis exact birthplace is uncertain. It is believed that his… …   Wikipedia

  • Vijayanagara Empire Literature — The rule of Vijayanagara Empire was a golden age of literature in South India, in general. The rulers patronised Kannada, Telugu and Sanskrit and Tamil scholars who wrote in the Jain, Virashaiva and Vaishnava traditions. The period produced… …   Wikipedia

  • Jayadeva — (Oriya: ଜୟେଦବ) was a Sanskrit poet, who lived in Orissa, circa 1200 AD. He is most known for his composition, the epic poem Gita Govinda , which depicts the divine love of the Hindu deity Krishna and his consort, Radha , and is considered an… …   Wikipedia

  • Thiruevvul — Thiruvallur Temple is also called Thiruevvul near Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu. The deity here is Lord Veeraraghava Perumal with his consort Kanakavalli Thayaar. It is one of the 108 Divya desam. The Lord here is in reclining posture on Sesha facing… …   Wikipedia

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