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  • Raghava Iyengar — Not to be confused with Mahavidwan R. Raghava Iyengar. Maha Vidhwan Rao Sahib Mu Raghava Iyengar (Tamil: மு ராகவ ஐயங்கார்) (1878–1960) was a well known Tamil scholar and researcher of Tamil literature. Contents 1 Life 2 Work 3 …   Wikipedia

  • Raghava Rama — Among all the Ramas of Sanskrit literature, Raghava Rama was the most famous. The epic Ramayana is all about this Rama. The word Ramayana means Rama s travels in Sanskrit. He was a Kshatriya king, in the Ikshwaku clan, in the lineage of a famous… …   Wikipedia

  • rāghava-caitanya — राघवचैतन्य …   Indonesian dictionary

  • rāghava-caritra — राघवचरित्र …   Indonesian dictionary

  • rāghava-deva — राघवदेव …   Indonesian dictionary

  • rāghava-nandana — राघवनन्दन …   Indonesian dictionary

  • rāghava-pāṇḍava — राघवपाण्डव …   Indonesian dictionary

  • rāghava-pāṇḍavīya — राघवपाण्डवीय …   Indonesian dictionary

  • rāghava-paṇḍita — राघवपण्डित …   Indonesian dictionary

  • rāghava-prabandha — राघवप्रबन्ध …   Indonesian dictionary

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