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  • Rāga — (Sanskrit, lit. colour or mood ; or rāgam in Carnatic music) refers to melodic modes used in Indian classical music. [ Raag is the modern Hindi pronunciation used by Hindustani musicians; ] It is a series of five or more musical notes upon which… …   Wikipedia

  • sutraukti — Rtr, Š, NdŽ, KŽ; Lex113, Q661, N, L, LL321, ŠT60, Ser 1. tr. traukiant sustumti, suvilkti, subraukti, suvaryti į vieną vietą: Viską dirba teknika: sukrauna į žagus, sutrauka, surėdo Ms. Miežius sutraukiau visus iš pašalių į vidurį Trk. Nupjautą… …   Dictionary of the Lithuanian Language

  • South Asian arts — Literary, performing, and visual arts of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Myths of the popular gods, Vishnu and Shiva, in the Puranas (ancient tales) and the Mahabharata and Ramayana epics, supply material for representational and… …   Universalium

  • Outline of Buddhism — See also: Index of Buddhism related articles Flag of Buddhism …   Wikipedia

  • Buddhism — Buddh redirects here, for the Race Circuit, see Buddh International Circuit Standing Buddha. One of the earliest known representations of the Buddha, 1st 2nd century CE, Gandhara …   Wikipedia

  • Kāmadeva — es el dios hindú del amor. Grabado del siglo XVIII, que muestra a Kamadeva montado sobre su loro, disparando flechas de flores …   Wikipedia Español

  • List of English words of Sanskrit origin — This is a list of English words of Sanskrit origin. Many of these words were not directly borrowed from Sanskrit. The meanings of some words have changed slightly after being borrowed. NOTOC A; Aditya : from Sanskrit āditya , the Vedic sun god. [ …   Wikipedia

  • The 36 tattvas — In Kaśmir Śaivism, the 36 tattvas describe the Absolute, its internal aspects and the creation including living beings, down to the physical reality. The addition of 11 supplemental tattvas compared to the IAST|Sāṃkhya allows for a richer, fuller …   Wikipedia

  • Nirvana — This article is about the religious concept. For the American grunge band, see Nirvana (band). For other uses, see Nirvana (disambiguation). Nirvāṇa (Sanskrit: निर्वाण; Pali: निब्बान (nibbāna); Prakrit: णिव्वाण) is a central concept in Indian… …   Wikipedia

  • Klesha — (Sanskrit, m., क्लेश, kleśa, Leiden; pali kilesa, ch: fánnǎo 烦恼; tib. nyon mongs pa) sind den Geist trübende Leidenschaften. In der indischen Philosophie, insbesondere im Buddhismus und Hinduismus, werden diese Befleckungen als Ursache des… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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